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C R Searle is a graduate of the University of Manchester, a Doctor of Philosophy, a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a mental health specialist with expertise in communication, counselling and psychotherapy and has worked in the National Health Service, higher education and for a non-executive department of the British government. 

The Rebus and the Parrot

By C R Searle

The Rebus and the Parrot is a seven-part, existential adventure in space and time for young adults and was written with an inspirational debt to such luminary authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose Rodney Stone, his Napoleonic adventures featuring Brigadier Gerard, The White Company and The Lost World were amongst the most important books of CR’s teenage years. Speaking of a nobility of conduct and purpose, duty, self-sacrifice and heroism he hopes his young heroes Lieutenant William ‘Billy’ Kepple, Duffy, Tom (not her real name), Polly, Marie-Ange, Sam, Butty and Trucky live up to. But no less than CS. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower, Alexander Kent’s Richard Bolitho, Dudley Pope’s, Nicholas Ramage or Patrick O’Brian’s Captain Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. 

If you like high adventure, mystery and romance and you would like to know how, why and who built the Giza Pyramids? That time travel is entirely possible? That the biblical belief God made the world in seven days does not confound the laws of physics? That the Darwinian conception of the origins of life is wrong? And how and why advanced artificial intelligence and the machines it will inevitably give rise to will bring the world to an end in 2084? You must read The Rebus and the Parrot.

The Bottomless Well of Time

Space and time have no beginning and no end and pasts we thought long gone, and futures we hope to come, are parts of the same thing and are separated only by the limits of our consciousness. But though they are, they frequently collide like bubbles in a soapy bath to reveal worlds we might enter as if through an open door, as many of us have; or will. As Captain William ‘Billy’ Kepple, newly and surprisingly promoted Captain of HMS Parrot, a 10-gun brig of war, Tom (not her real name), Polly, a servant girl with the gift of second sight, and Duffy his Boatswain, heroes of our timeless adventure, will, when they leave the troubled waters of Portsmouth’s Spithead mutiny to rescue a party of French royalist fugitives from the coast of France.

The Secret of the Château Tollendal

Unaware, they have been followed to Brittany’s magical and mysterious Quiberon Peninsula by Pierre Corbeau, an agent of the Count de Montard, Billy, Tom and Polly meet the enigmatic professor Tollendal and learn their real quest is to find the Rebus of Akhenaten. A picture puzzle of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs inscribed on a round gold plate made of nine parts, which, when deciphered, will show where the Pharaoh Akhenaten hid the great horde of treasure he took from the Priests of Amun-Ra in 1336BCE. A plate the secret society of Templar Knights, he leads, who found it on Jerusalem’s, Temple Mount in 1128 and then lost it in 1307, believe is an engine, machine, or device so powerful, whosoever possesses it will rule the world.

The Battle of the Stones

Escaping from Captain Bauda and his Cuirassiers, Billy sets out to rescue his boat crew, captured, and imprisoned by Pierre Corbeau, but he is betrayed by Charlotte Desmoulin, one of the fugitives and must now fight a much more dangerous battle against the Drummers. The army of the living dead, Montard has sent to capture and kill her servant, Marie-Ange le Dantec, who, has in her possession, a piece of the Rebus, as he too, discovers, he has! But, as the battle overwhelms him, Queen Kiya, the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother of Tutankhamun, comes from the past to rescue Polly, her sister, the princess Tefnut and turns her power against him and would have killed him, had it not been for Lemmy, the ghost of the Parrot.

The Children of Ankh

With two pieces of the Rebus of Akhenaten now in his possession and with information he hopes will find a third in North America, and the remaining six where they have long been hidden, Billy, and his crew sail to New York. Arriving a month later he sets out to find Lauder Trompe, who has information vital to his mission. But before the day is done, Tom and Polly fall from a precipitous cliff in the Cave of Tarhuhiawaku and find themselves two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand years in the past, where they meet Gabe, one of the Nanochromes of Nogoback, but more importantly, meet Ethan, Isaac and India from present day Kips Bay, New York, who, unbeknown to them, have been their companions in their quest from almost the beginning.

The Totem of Tarhuhiawaku

Shot by Lord Dasheart and saved from certain death by Queen Kiya and her unlikely friends, Ethan, Isaac, and India, and soon after escaping from prison, Billy, Duffy, and Marie-Ange, sail north to Albany. The gateway to the Adirondack Mountains and a meeting on midsummer morning with the Indian princess Pale Moon in the Morning, they hope will find the third piece of the Rebus of Akhenaten. And are helped by Madeleine Corbeau, Pierre’s twin sister, who in defiance of Montard’s strict instructions gives Billy the Totem of Tarhuhiawaku, which is vital to finding it. But it is a trap they only escape with the help of Tom and Polly, who bring news from the past that changes the future, not least Kiya’s realisation of the truth that has blinded her.

The Masters of Time

With Queen Kiya safely returned to Egypt of 1335BCE with the help of the magic wand, Tom has given to her, and now determined to help her sister, Tefnut help Billy find the remaining seven pieces of the Rebus of Akhenaten, the Parrot sails for the Egyptian port of Alexandria and a journey to Jerusalem that will end their quest. But even as it does, Billy knows Montard has, in the future world of 4930 he now rules, eight pieces of the Rebus and only the dancing girl is missing. An impossibility because he has two pieces, Lauder Trompe has one, his late mother likely had three or four, Ethan, Isaac, India, Rudy, and Adriana, have one, and Redman Crookhampton, if he still lives, may have news of another; Sir Mungo of Denbigh’s, piece.

The End Game

The End Game

Having reached the earths future in 4930 in search of the last pieces of the Rebus of Akhenaten and the mysterious treasure it promised, a world populated by robots of every imaginable monstrous description controlled by the Count de Montard, Billy discovers with indisputable certainty, space, time and reality are an illusion of pulsating light and dark conjured by our consciousness of our unconsciousness, our quantum unconsciousness. The heart and soul of our Being. And Eden once the home of Nanochromes of Nogoback is a virtual reality game controlled by the Toba Men. A game he and his companions must escape if they are to find and complete in all its parts the Rebus and prevent the horror of the mass extinction event of 2084. But not without hazarding the most perilous dangers imaginable and suffering the death of someone close to him he has come to cherish that will change his life.

The Sword and Shield of Aten

The Quantum Unconciousness

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